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Colombia Trip Reviews

I loved Cartagena, it was may be even more beautiful that you described to me Chloe!

I really liked my hotel in Bogota and my guide was fantastic, even taking me off beaten track places to try the fruits and local food like Ajiaco. I felt I was seeing the true Colombia.

In Cartagena – I love this city! – I ate Arepas con Queso and felt comfortable walking the streets alone until about 9pm as advised. But taxis are easy and cheap and no distance is far here. I saw a wonderful Easter parade and my brilliant guide, Nico again showed me where the locals would buy their food and I was able to feel less of a tourist, which I really enjoyed. Though unplanned I managed to be on a visit to the Monastery with a group of Colombian visitors to Cartagena. They loved having an English speaker and answered so many questions about the country and cities for me. Colombian’s love their own country very much and love to share it even more.

Out on the Rosario Islands I had fun walking, kayaking around the mangroves and a bit of snorkelling although there was not too much to see underwater where I was and then a quick ride back to my Cartagena.

In combination with Venezuela this was may be even better than my Costa Rica holiday!

Grace Thorogood