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Natural History Voyages

Antarctic Adventure Voyages
(12 days from €6,220)
options include sea kayaking, snow shoe walking, camping & trekking

Antarctic Classic Wildlife: Peninsula & Islands
(11 days from £3,590)

Antarctic Peninsula & Weddell Sea
(12 days from €6,050)

Antarctic Peninsula Crossing the Polar Circle
(12 days from €5,950)

Antarctic Sailing Adventure
21 days £12,490 p/p

Antarctic Semi-Circumnavigation & Ross Sea Voyages
( 33 days)
13 Jan - 15 Feb, 2020 &
15 Feb - 18 Mar, 2020

Antarctica, South Georgia & Remote Atlantic Islands Voyage
March & April 2017 and 2018
(24 - 37 Days from €5,080)

Fly & Sail Antarctica
Dec to Feb 6 days from $4,550

Ross Sea & Antarctic Circle Voyage
(30 days from US$21,990)

Falklands - South Georgia - Antarctic Peninsula
(20 days from £5,950)

Diving & Wildlife Voyages

Antarctic Peninsula Diving & Snorkelling Expeditions
(10 days from €4,390)

Antarctic Polar Circle - Diving, Wildlife & Marine Life Voyage
(12 days from €5,990)

Weddell Sea and Antarctic Peninsula - Dive Expedition
(12 days from €6,190)

Diving in Antarctica, Falklands & South Georgia
17th Feb - 8th Mar, 2018 from €10,990
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Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctica, one of the World’s last frontiers, is a perfect example of where Water, Wilderness and Wildlife combine with breath-taking perfection. It inspires it visitors with its majestic beauty and dramatic ice scenery. The towering white mountains, sweeping glaciers and icebergs form an unrivalled backdrop for the unique and abundant sea birds and marine mammals which reside here. Fin, right and minke whales, leopard, Ross, Weddell and crabeater seals are common. Seabirds are abundant and include the albatross as well as gentoo, chinstrap and adelie penguin which make their home on these coastal shores. Our natural history voyages provide a true insight into this wilderness. They enhance knowledge through expert guiding and deliver intense personal encounters with the wildlife in their habitat.

South Shetland Islands

These islands are separated from peninsula Antarctica by the deep water Bransfield Strait. The archipelago comprises four glaciated island groups of which Clarence and Elephant island, King George, Deception Island and Livingstone Island are a part. Many of the islands support abundant wildlife including, seals and penguins and are steeped in history. Elephant Island is the site of Shackleton’s ‘Endurance’ stranding whilst Deception Island, with its huge collapsed volcanic crater, permits the unusual pursuit of Antarctic bathing in relative comfort!

South Georgia

South Georgia is home to over 200,000 pairs of inquisitive king Penguins, thousands of fur and elephant seals and the majestic wandering albatross. This inspiring island was the mainstay of the whaling industry and is the land renowned for Sir Ernest Shackleton’s epic rescue during the Endurance expedition. For many, the overwhelming abundance and variety of wildlife, combined with the rich and fascinating human history of South Georgia makes this island one of the highlights of an Antarctic experience.

Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands offer the sub Antarctic visitor a great variety of wildlife, scenery, geology and human history. The islands are an excellent location for photographers and birdwatchers, hosting some 60 breeding bird species including rockhopper penguins and blue-eyed cormorants. Some rare and remarkably tame species such as the striated caracara and the black-browed albatross can also be found on these remote but beautiful shores.

Polar Diving

Aqua-Firma has the expertise to explore beneath the continent's icebergs and glaciers, a little known world of sculpted blue ice formations, illuminated by the sun's rays. Antarctica is probably the ultimate wilderness polar diving location, one which few have had the privilege to experience. The area has a rich marine invertebrate population and provides the opportunity to encounter polar wildlife including penguins, fur and leopard seals as well as a whole host of Antarctic fish.

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Photographs kindly provided by Charlotte Caffrey, Judith Bewell, Chloe Burnett, Philip Lillywhite, Göran Ehlme, Franco Banfi, Paul Nicklen, Sandra Haag and Alex Benwell




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