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Wildlife Safaris

Rainforests, Rivers and Islands
(12 days from 1990)

Wildlife & Marine Life of Borneo
(14 days from 2450) Ideal for non-divers & snorkellers alike

Wildlife and Birdlife of Borneo
13 days with expert private guiding


Borneo Dive Lodges & Wildlife Safari
( 12 days from £2,055)
( 14 Days from 2,385)
(including all diving)

Dive Treasures of Malaysian & Indonesian Borneo - Sipadan & the Derawan Archipelago
(17 days)

Diving in the Derawan Archipelago Liveaboard or Island based

Sipadan Dive Liveaboard & Borneo Wildlife Safari
( 12 days from £2,155)
(14 days from 2,450)

Ultimate Borneo Underwater Safari
( 18 days from £3,185)

Wildlife & Adventure

Adventures in the Lost Worlds of Borneo
( 16 days)

Trekking in Sabahs Lost World The Maliau Basin
(6 days from 990 pp based on
private trip for 4)

Described by Darwin as 'one great luxuriant hothouse made by nature for herself', Borneo represents one of the most biologically diverse regions on Earth. With vast tracts of lush rainforest, river deltas and coral reefs, to mountains, tropical islands and limestone cave systems; Borneo is a truly inspiring place to visit for spectacular wilderness and wildlife both above and below the water. Of its tropical rainforests, the island can lay claim to the highest diversity of trees in a single hectare anywhere in the world. Below the waters, its coral reefs are the second most diverse on Earth. In the last decade alone, more than 350 new species of flora and fauna have having been discovered in Borneo and there are undoubtedly many new mysteries waiting to be found in its many hidden corners.

The terrestrial habitats on Borneo represent a kaleidoscope of beautiful and enchanting worlds, each one rich in plants and animals. The ethereal cloud forests on the slopes of Mount Kinabalu, where misty veils hide not only large numbers of mammals and birds, but also both the world's largest flowers and carnivorous plants which feast animals as large as lizards and birds. In the Danum Valley and Tabin Wildlife Reserve, ancient dipterocarp trees tower hundreds of feet overhead, the forests echoing to the mournful song of the gibbon. Malaysian Borneo's most remote tract of lowland rainforest is the legendary Maliau Basin - an unexplored and untamed forest world, rich in both waterfalls and wildlife and almost completely encircled by a steep rocky escarpment.

The dense rainforests, wetland and mangrove habitats along the Kinabatangan River represent the highest concentration of wildlife in South East Asia. This includes all eight species of Bornean hornbills and ten species of primates. In this region, we take you to explore the forests in a silent electric powered boat, watching out for endemic proboscis monkeys as dangle from branches above the water, before dropping with a splash and swimming to forage and play. You can also hope to see elusive Asian elephants and the highlight of any trip here is an encounter with a wild Bornean orangutan, moving silently through the riverside canopy. Although it is enough to quench the thirst of even the most seasoned traveller, this rich tapestry of habitats represents just half of what Borneo has to offer and it is beneath the waves that you are able to fully complete your experience of Borneo's treasures.

When the renowned Jacques-Yves Cousteau visited Sipadan he said "...now we have found again an untouched piece of art". Lying just 5° north of the Equator, Sipadan is nestled like a green jewel in the beautiful Sulawesi Sea, pushed up from the seabed by layers of coral on top of an ancient, extinct volcano. Famed for its healthy and vibrant reefs, high diversity of fish and marine invertebrates, Sipadan is a fantastic place to dive and snorkel.  Sipadan attracts divers to its numerous and legendary wall dives, considered some of the best in the world and is possibly the best place in the world to encounter turtles underwater, with both greens and hawksbills lazily cruising the warm blue waters.

Lankayan is another stunning coral island where turtles are often seen laying their eggs on its idyllic tropical beaches. About 45 minutes away by speed boat is Selingan or Turtle Island, which as the name suggests is another place where this phenomenon can often be seen.  Lankayan is also well known for its macro marine life, as too are Mabul and Kapalai.  Here you can find hairy orange orangutan crabs nestling amongst the corals, bizarre frogfish waiting patiently, fishing for their supper and tiny flamboyant cuttlefish walking across the reef, waving their tiny arms and flashing brightly at fish. Keen divers and snorkelers will never tire of exploring these waters. Mataking Island, also within reach of Sipadan Island offers an idyllic tropical setting and access to perhaps the most extensive area of high quality coral in Sabah.

For those wishing to see sharks, the waters around the Layang Layang atoll within the beautiful Spratly Islands, are famed for their abundance of sleek reef sharks, beautiful leopard sharks and annual mass gatherings of hammerheads; usually arriving between mid March and mid May to mate. For those wishing for some more remote adn adventurous diving, the Derawan archipelago off the Indonesian Bornean coast is a hidden treasure; where you can snorkel in the world's largest and most diverse jellyfish lake, regularly encounter 6 metre thresher sharks cruising the Maratua atoll and witness mass gatherings of graceful manta rays, coming into the rich waters to feed.

Borneo really is an explosion of both colour and life, above and below the waves. Whether you want to see the enigmatic orangutans moving through the canopies of wetland forests, trees which grow to more than 80m, or schools of manta rays gliding through tropical waters above and below you, Borneo has it all and much, much more.

All of our Borneo trips and experiences are designed so that they can be tailored specifically to your timings and interests. Whether you are a naturalist, diver, snorkeller, wildlife photographer or seeking a true wilderness adventure, we can adjust our sample itineraries around you. Our trips are led by experienced expert local guides.    

Photographs kindly provided by David Slater, Charlotte Caffrey, Ralph Pannell, Alan Oh, SMART, Andy Oates and Nick Bramley


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