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Incas to Amazon

Incas and Andes to Amazon
( 9 days 1590)
( 14 days 1980)

Incas and Andes to Amazon
- Discovery version

( 17 days £2,755)

Rafting Expeditions

Rafting the Source of the Amazon - Rio Apurimac
( 2 days from £455)

Wilderness Wildlife and Whitewater - Amazon Rafting expedition
17 - 26 June for 3,120 / $3,890
with Wilderness Stand Up Paddle Boarding
Available privately other dates.

Alternative Inca Trails

Alternative Inca Trail - the Quarry Trail
( 4 days £1,125)

Weavers Route - Lares to Patacancha with Machu Picchu
( 4 days £1,140)


Peru is a country which offers an intense mix of nature, dramatic scenery and culture.  For nature and wildlife our focus is on south eastern Peru which contains some of the Amazon's most pristine and diverse wilderness.  The south is also our focus for South America’s archaeological highlights and adventurous exploration of its mountains and rivers.

Incas & Andes

It is difficult to introduce Peru without putting its culture, history and stunning Andean scenery first.  Machu Picchu is usually a first time visitor’s focus for all three of these, providing one of Peru’s finest exhibitions of Inca architecture.  It also provides a unique and dramatic plateau from which to admire breathtaking mountains, steep valleys scoured by tributaries to the Amazon and rich cloud forests.

The Inca Trail is littered with further Inca history, dramatic landscapes and native cloud forests.  Walking the Trail is an experience which you can either treat as one to be savoured, or one to take on as an adventurous trek.  We take five days on the trail for the savoured version, in which we provide detailed archaeological and natural history guidance.  Our adventurous version takes four.  Both means involve fully catered camping whilst our shortest two day version uses hotels.

Cloud Forests and Lowland Amazonia

There are superb opportunities to see Amazon wildlife in Peru, especially along this great river’s virgin tributaries, its oxbow lakes, lagoons and at salt licks where mammals and birds collect in great numbers to top up their minerals.  At the highest altitude we find the World’s highest forests made up of Polylepis species.  These trees can be found at more than 5,000m altitude, growing above the snow line at a tiny 0.5mm per year.  These forests have long been targeted for firewood so only small pockets remain.  It is no wonder that the rarest bird in Peru, the Royal Cincloides, resides exclusively in these forests.  Just 250 of these birds remain in the wild.

In rich montane rainforests found along the eastern  edge of the Andes you can find an intense display of botany and birdlife which includes a huge variety of hummingbirds and the Cock of the Rock.  You can explore these forests close to Machu Picchu, or on one of discovery trips which reach the lowland Amazon by road and motor canoe from the High Andes.

Leading to the rich lowland rainforests of Peru, the Manu Biosphere Reserve and the Tambopata Reserve are the two largest protected parts of Peru’s southern Amazon.  Wildlife viewing in these reserves is some of the most assured in South America’s rainforests, with certain locations providing high probabilities of seeing giant river otters, tapir, howler monkeys, and more.

We offer tailor made and small group itineraries throughout the year to the very best wilderness, wildlife and cultural locations in the country.  As in all places we operate, these vary from the most luxurious wilderness lodges and hotels to long distance rafting adventures for which fully catered riverside camping is the only option.  We can also visits to Peru in combination with trips to the Galapagos or other Latin American countries such as Costa Rica.

Photographs kindly provided by: Paul Cripps, Ralph Pannell, Dr Tim Beard, Inca Nature

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