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Canoe & Lodge Safaris


Amazon Canoe & Lodge Safari - Wildlife & Conservation Insights
27 - 30 Aug 2019
1,160 / $1,455
led by Aqua-Firma Director, Ralph Pannell

Galapagos and Amazon by Sea Kayak, Dugout Canoe, Trekking, Biking & Snorkelling
( 14 days)

Galapagos by Sea Kayak, Trekking, Biking and Snorkelling
10 days 3,690 / $4,450


Espiritu Santo Island Sea Kayaking, Trekking & Snorkelling
( 6 days £515)

Grey Whales of San Ignacio Lagoon
( 7 days from £1,190)

Mayan Temples & Yucatan Wildlife & Marine Life Adventure
5 days privately guided from 990

Costa Rica

Costa Rica Adventure & Wildlife
13 days from US$2,290
sample itinerary - available tailor made for any duration


Coiba & Chiriqui Diving, Kayaking & Wildlife Yacht Safaris
Panama's Eastern Pacific Islands
8 days from US$2,390
Feb & Apr 2016


Antarctic Adventure Voyages
(12 days from 6,220)
options include sea kayaking, snow shoe walking, camping & trekking


Arctic Hiking & Sea Kayaking Day Trip Adventure
( 1 days £175)

Arctic Sea Kayaking Spitsbergen Day Trip
( 1 days £105)

Around Spitsbergen Voyages
Jun - Aug 2018 & 2019
(10 days from 3,790)

Canoes and kayaks provide some of the most unobtrusive and inspirational means of exploring wilderness areas of coast, rivers, mangroves and lakes. The only disturbance you bring is the sound of a paddle and the ripple of the water you float in, which makes for a closer encounter with wildlife than is possible on foot. A canoe can also allow you access to habitats and open water that you could not reach by any other means.

We have created opportunities for wilderness exploration by canoe and sea kayak in some of the world's greatest natural areas. In the Tropics these include the flooded forests of the Amazon, the Galapagos Islands, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and the Seychelles.

We also operate kayaking in the Polar Regions of the Arctic Spitsbergen, the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia and the Falklands.

We can incorporate canoeing and kayaking as much or as little as you wish. For example, in Costa Rica's Tortuguero National Park we always offer the option to add a few hours gentle kayaking in the placid waters of the many water channels which bisect its wildlife rich forests. Our longest canoe journeys are in the Amazon flooded in which we combine two nights in a rainforest lodge with one or more nights 'Out of Africa' style fully catered fly camping deep in the rainforest. This is privately guided and one of the few locations where we use traditional dugout canoes in an area occupied by the Siona indigenous people.

Many of our Canoe & Lodge Safari experiences are based out of comfortable wilderness lodges, so after a day in the elements you can relax in a hot shower, enjoy great food and a freshly made bed. In other places, we prepare catered camping for you en route.  This can still provide you with a great deal of comfort and excellent food, but with the added fascination of experiencing the natural world by night as well as by day.

Most of our canoeing and kayaking experiences require no previous experience at all, making use of crafts which are completely open and without any need for a capsize drill. In the Arctic and Antarctica we have to use spray decks and dry suits which means that clients need to have at least some experience of canoeing. The main skills needed under these circumstances is an ability steer a course and to slip out of a canoe if it turns over. It is extremely unlikely you would ever need to do this in the placid polar waters we take you to, but a safety precaution just in case.

Photographs kindly provided by Luis Hernandez, John Gray, Ralph Pannell, Lapa Rios, Bjoern Koth, Marcelo Meneses



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