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Research & Conservation in Action

Pacific to Caribbean Rainforests, Marine Life & Turtle Conservation
(12 days from 2,470 / $2890)

Komodo Manta Ray Research, Coral Triangle, Dragons & Photography
10 days 15 - 24 June, 2019
1,990 / US$2,590 Bali - Bali
for Divers & Snorkellers alike
hosted by Dr Simon Pierce, Principal Scientist at Marine Megafauna Foundation
& Aqua-Firma Marine Scientist, Charlotte Caffrey

Lemurs, Golden Frogs & New Rainforest Reserve
- Pioneering Conservation Adventure

(8 days 1,690)
9th - 16th October 2018
7th - 14th October 2019

Madagascar Whale Shark Research Islands, Marine Life & Lemurs
(8 days 1,790)
16th - 23rd October, 2018
14th - 21st October, 2019
team includes global whale shark expert Dr Simon Pierce

Whale Sharks of Isla Mujeres - Research & Photography Experience
July & Aug 2018 & 2019
1,890 / $2,490
team includes global Whale Shark expert Dr Chris Rohner

Seychelles Whale Shark Research & Conservation

Whale Shark Research & Conservation Mafia Island
for snorkellers & divers alike
10 - 18 Nov 2018 2190 / $2690
& 23 Nov - 1 Dec, 2019
Team includes global Whale Shark experts Dr Simon Pierce & Dr Chris Rohner

These journeys and experiences are designed to give you close encounters with spectacular marine life, wildlife and wilderness areas, with behind the scenes access to inspiring research and conservation projects in the field.

Our hosts include marine biologists, leading whale shark and cetaceans experts, underwater and above water photographers, filmers and conservation experts.

Whilst these are experiences are very much built with your enjoyment in mind, they provide important financial support to the projects you visit and help cover the costs of getting researchers and conservation professionals into their field of work. In joining these experts, through talks and helping in the field work yourself, learn the very latest about the species and wilderness areas you have come to visit.

Photographs kindly provided by: MMF, Ralph Pannell, Dr Simon Pierce & Charlotte Caffrey

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