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Whale Sharks of Isla Mujeres - Research & Photography Experience

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Turtle Watching

We usually see marine turtles in the sea every day, but as night falls, we have very high chances of being able to take you to see Green Turtles laying their eggs at select locations on the island. We sometime see as many a 7 at a time, digging nests and laying their eggs. These eggs are collected and taken to a hatchery, where they hatchlings can develop without risk of dogs digging them up, or nests being exposed by the tide.

The experience of snorkelling with the largest fish in the sea, the whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is not one you are likely to forget. These gentle plankton eating giants grow as large as 19 metres, display beautiful spot patterns from above, block out the light of day from below and often carry with them a living reef of fish life.

This exclusive experience off the Caribbean coast of Mexico allows as small group of people to join an expert Aqua-Firma research team in search of whale sharks in the largest known accumulation of them in the Ocean. We have been operating these trips for three years now, during what has proven to be a peak period of the year, when more than 400 whale shark individuals have been counted in the area on surveys. We have seen up to an estimated 180 sharks from our research vessel on any given day. Photographic and video opportunities can be superb.

There are often aggregations of a potentially 3rd species of Giant Manta Ray in the area we research, as well as whale sharks. Some days we have been in the water with 100 or more of them, as they feed at the surface, swim between whale sharks or barrel roll. Our partners at MMF are fairly convinced that this Atlantic version of Giant Manta is a separate species, but to prove this we need a combination of above and below photo plus DNA samples from the same individuals. In 2015, Dr Andrea Marshall joined us in trying to achieve this, but whilst we gained photos and DNA, we didn't quite get the combination we needed. Join us on our quest in 2018 and 2019!

Most of our encounters with whale sharks is in blue water, so visibility can be excellent. We often find Giant Mantas in areas further west, where Copepods can appear in huge abundance. Visibility is much more variable in these waters, but it can provide us with opportunities to snorkel with dolphins and their babies and bonito tuna which they feed on. In reaching these area, we transit past clear shallow waters of the Contoy Island National Park, where we see often see dozens of green and loggerhead turtles swimming beneath us and with us if we snorkel over sea grass beds in the area. We can also see huge colonies of frigate birds and boobies.

A low altitude aerial survey manages to capture the incredible sight of 68 whales sharks congragated offshore. A higher altitude survey photographed 220 individuals.

Other marine life we find out in clear blue water can be schools of 30 or more Golden Cownose Rays, Bottlenose, Spinner and spotted Dolphins, chance encounters with Sail Fish and this year one lucky underwater encounter with a Blue Marlin. As always with Mother Nature, every day is different. So far, we have never been a day without a whale shark. When we find them amongst an abundance of food, sharks sometimes stop swimming and feed in a vertical position, creating a vortex sucking water in from the surface. These opportunities are wonderful for enabling us to focus on one individual in great detail and provide even better opportunities for film and photography than normal.

Aqua-Firma's leadership team will include one of the World's leading whale shark researchers, Dr Chris Rohner; and two of Mexico's leading whale shark researchers. Your participation enables Aqua-Firma to help fund the work of these researchers, whose expert insights into our ever growing knowledge of whale shark behaviour and distribution is very much be part of this experience. Chris also happens to have taken thousands of very high quality images of whale sharks and manta rays. Learning how to emulate the kind of images he has been able to take will also be a part of this experience - not only on location, but with advice we can provide before you go.

We will take a maximum of 9 people per team on research trips lasting up to 6 1/2 hours each day. Our first priority is to locate the whale sharks and once we do, you will be able to enter the water with them to assist in digital photo ID and recording behaviour and species which use the whale sharks as mobile habitats. Chris and our local team will conduct in water surveys which will include on occasion, DNA sampling.

Our trips begin and end in Cancun, but we spend most of our time on Isla Mujeres. Whale shark encounters are best enjoyed by snorkelling since whale sharks usually feed here close to the surface. Snorkeling also permits faster movement on and off the boat and through the water.

For those who scuba dive, we can facilitate the opportunity to do so within marine protected areas west and south of Isla Mujeres. Aqua-Firma can also arrange diving in the Cenotes of eastern Mexico; Cozumel Island; tailor made exploration of the World's second largest barrier reef in Belize a short distance to the south; two of the Caribbean's best dive locations, the Turks & Caicos and Cayman Islands; diving in the Sea of Cortez; Central American rainforest; and Mayan ruins in Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. Please contact one of our Latin American experts to discuss

Photographs kindly provided by Dr Simon Pierce, Ralph Pannell, Dr Chris Rohner, Domino Lillian Gonzalez

We usually see whale sharks feeding at the surface, or very close to it

Local researcher with sample of what these whale sharks are feeding on


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