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Islands, Reefs, Mountains & Rainforests

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This holiday combines some of the best natural assets of the archipelago providing the opportunity to access the beauty and wildlife of several stunning islands of the inner group. Based at a comfortable waterside hotel and then onboard a classic sailing ship, we explore otherwise difficult to access island environments including rainforests, reefs, mountains, and mangroves. You can be as relaxed as you please throughout the voyage or indulge in activities such as snorkelling, hiking, kayaking, cycling, and windsurfing. This trip is also an excellent solution for the diver who wants to see the best of what the inner islands have to offer - both above and below the waterline.

Your journey starts with the land based exploration of Mahe Island with the chance to enjoy its beautiful beaches, explore its forested highlands and dive some of the best underwater sites of the inner islands. A guided trek led by an expert local natural history guide will provide an insight into Mahe’s classic combination of native forest and exotic flora, including the extremely rare Jellyfish Tree.

We then fly you by small prop plane to Bird Island in the extreme north of the archipelago. For three days you will share this beautiful, remote sand island with millions of birds, including sooty terns, tropic birds, noddies, egrets and ground doves. Giant tortoises roam freely on the island and hawksbill turtles seasonally nest and hatch along its clear water coastline. 

The next 7 days will be boat based, travelling aboard your choice of either a romantic classic sailing yacht or a sleek, modern sailing ship. Both vessels act as a comfortable base from which to explore the great diversity of islands of the inner group.

Your yacht itinerary will vary according to the seasons. Departures from Mahe may anchor off Round island, then sail onwards to Praslin Island , where you have the opportunity to visit the Valle de Mai UNESCO world heritage site, home to the endemic Coco de Mer.  Your yacht will anchor in some of the most picturesque bays in the World and you will have the chance to relax, snorkel and dive, and later be refreshed by a private barbeque on the beach.

A short onward sail east to La Digue will transport you to a sleepy and picturesque granitic island, excellent to cycle around or to kayak and snorkel amongst its beautiful coves.  We next visit Aride Island, one of the most important protected island in the and a renowned haven for rare and endemic birdlife. It also boasts one of the densest population of lizards on earth !

At the Sisters Islands and Cocos you have the opportunity to explore both above and below the waters in a tranquil area accessed only by boat. Booby Island, is an excellent dive site and in the right season has for the potential for large rays and whale sharks.  The mangroves of Curieuse Island are next explored. This spectacular granite island is also home to a giant tortoise breeding project. The clear waters around the island are part of the Curieuse Marine National park and also invite good diving and snorkelling.

Having explored the very best islands of the inner island group the yacht embarks upon a gentle sail back to Mahe taking in the Sainte Anne Marine Park and Ile Seche, before heading back to Port Victoria and your flight home.

Photos kindly provided by Aqua-Firma, Clients and associates: Charlotte Caffrey, Ralph Pannell, Carina Hall