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Ecuador Tailor Made


The purpose of this page is to introduce you to options in Ecuador other than the Galapagos Islands or the Amazon rainforest.

For further information on tailor made journeys to the Galapagos please Click Here.

For tailor made options on how to explore the Amazon with Aqua-Firma please Click Here.

The following is a list of some of the other areas and activities you might like to discover whilst in Ecuador:

Cloud Forest Natural History visits
Min. 1 day.
Some of the best areas of cloud forest in Ecuador lie on the western side of the Andes and descend to the Choco lowland rainforests and on to the coast with the tallest stands of mangroves found anywhere in the world.  Some of Latin America's most diverse cloud forests are within two hours drive of the capital, Quito, and can be explored in a day trip or over the period of several days.  The great allure of this area is that the forest is arguably more botanically intense than the lowland Amazon, with dozens of species of orchid, bromeliads, tree ferns and moss-laden branches, set against a backdrop of dramatic Andean scenery.  The birdlife here is particularly spectacular with many species of hummingbird and the brightly coloured Cock-of-the-Rock which performs a mating display not dissimilar to the Birds of Paradise of New Guinea.

Our day trips are led by expert natural history and birding guides who can take you into parts of Rainforest Concern's Choco-Andean Rainforest Corridor, Mindo and the Intag region.  The same guides can take you in a private vehicle for more days than this, reaching remote areas where you might hope to see rare species of bird, evidence at least of Spectacled Bears and even some of Rainforest Concern's conservation project sites.

Another option is to take one of our join in natural history cloud forest visits.  Prices start at £79 per day, or £168 per person for a 2 day visit.  These prices include meals at the lodge, guided treks, transport to and from the cloud forest from Quito and accommodation.

Trekking in the Andes
1  - 7 days
We arrange trekking throughout Ecuador's Andes led by some of the country's leading mountaineers.  A great day trip is to trek in the Cotopaxi National Park which tailor made ex-Quito costs £105 per person (min. 2 people) including guiding, transport and lunch.

The cloud forest areas also lend themselves to some excellent trekking, with the forest providing an extra dimension to what there is to see.  Another great area to walk in is Ecuador Lake District around the Papallacta area.  This area provides a great combination between open paramo landscape with views of the surrounding volcanoes, with montane forest and Polylepis which are the world's highest growing trees at almost 5,000 metres. 

  (For further details about this trek please Click Here).

White water rafting
On rivers Graded from II+ to IV+ and lasting from 1  - 10 days.
White water rafting is an exhilarating activity which in Ecuador can take you to some of the country's most scenic areas.  A tailor made 1-day trip from Quito on the Grade IV to IV+ Quijos River, or Grade III to III+ on the Toachi River costs £138 per person (based on a 2 people).  This includes all equipment, transport, guides, a safety canoeist and lunch.

Horseback Riding
We arrange one day horseback treks to two volcanoes.  The first of these is Ilalo which is a small inactive peak set in the shadow of the much higher peaks of Illiniza Norte, Illiniza Sur and the snow-capped Antisana.  The horses we use here are impeccably groomed Peruvian Paso stock kept in equally well tended stables less than an hour from Quito.
We also arrange day trips that can take you close to the peak of Ruminahui Volcano within the Cotopaxi National Park.

Andean Haciendas
Ecuador is endowed with several excellent haciendas built within view of some of its highest volcanic peaks.  Whether you choose to stay at one of these as part of an activity based trip through the Andes or for the sake of just relaxing, you can enjoy some fantastic accommodation, food, wine and views.

Mountain Biking
Min 1 day
The Cotopaxi National Park is again an ideal area for mountain biking, offering wide open scenery with the world's highest active volcano as a backdrop.  1-day tailor made biking trips for 2 cost from £105 per person including bikes, safety gear, guide, transport and lunch.

The Avenue of Volcanoes
Whether you fly to the Galapagos or drive to the cloud forests, it is likely that you will see some of Ecuador's volcanoes which lie in an 'avenue' along the length of the country.  Another excellent way to see these is to ride on the Steam Railway which leaves from the Andean town of Riobamba.  The highlight of this journey is the steep winding section called  Nariz del Diablo, or Devil's Nose, which is sometimes described as the most dramatic rail journey in the world.

Ecuador's Towns & Cities
The Old Town of Quito is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and our most recommended urban visit in Ecuador.   Otovalo is Ecuador's most famous market town.  Some of our trips will automatically take you through this town, but for a day trip we like to include some of the smaller villages in the area which maintain some of the appeal you might have hoped to discover in Otovalo.

Other cities worth visiting in Ecuador include the Andean towns of Cuenca, Banos and Riobamba, whilst Ecuador's largest city of Guayaquil on the Pacific coast provides a fascinating contrast to Quito.

For advice on creating an itinerary which suits you, please call us on 0844 412 0848 (local rates) or international on +44 1428 620012 or Contact Us.


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