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Wildlife & Marine Life Safaris


Our Wildlife & Marine Life Safaris are designed to provide a more complete experience of both terrestrial and marine wildlife, whether that be island based, a rainforest river system, the coastal edge of a glacier, or out in open ocean.

In South America our experiences range from swimming with sealions and penguins in the Galapagos; to watching howler monkeys from a dugout canoe in the Amazon of Ecuador or Peru.  In Antarctica, you can at one moment be on terra firma amongst Emperor penguins, and the next be observing whales, icebergs and leopard seals from a rigid inflatable boat. On some voyages, we take onboard marine experts and divers who are able to bring to the surface film, video footage and day by day accounts of what lives beneath the ice.

In East Africa, our wildlife and marine life safaris not only provide an in depth experience of African grasslands and savannahs in 4WD and in foot; but also river based safaris bringing you close to hippos and kingfishers; rainforest treks in mountain chains and islands; and snorkelling or diving on East Africa's most diverse and pristine coral reefs. Whilst these kind of safaris avoid the resort compounds of Mombasa, they can incorporate a quiet and relaxing boutique ecolodge where your prime activity can be watching birds in the treetops, or traditional dhows as they sail gently past.

To explore the possibilities from Borneo to Costa Rica, and from the Arctic to Antarctica, give us a call or send us an email. You will not only be speaking to a team dedicated to helping you create your own perfect balance between wildlife and marine life experiences, but a team which consists of marine and environmental scientists, rainforest conservationists, environmental scientists, commercial divers, polar experts and guides, diving instructors and sailing yachtmasters.

On location, we have some of the best local and international guides. In the tropics these include leading conservationists and researchers from organisations like the Malayan Nature Society, Rainforest Concern and the Endangered Wildlife Trust; top marine life experts such as Ecuador's leading whale and dolphin expert, Felix Fernandez; award winning wildlife and underwater photographers such as David Slater, Göran Ehlmé and Franco Banfi; and polar guides which include staff from the British Antarctic Survey.

All in all, Aqua-Firma's Wildlife & Marine Life Safaris are designed to provide you with your perfect balance between seeing, experiencing, learning and plain relaxing in an untouched terrestrial and waterside wilderness.

Photographs kindly provided by John Goodwin, Anele Waters, Ralph Pannell, Troel Jacobsen, Chloe Burnett, Galapagos Conservation Trust, David Slater, SMART, Alan Oh, Cristiano Paoli, Endangered Wildlife Trust, Andy Davies

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