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Yacht & Lodge Safaris
Ecuador & Galapagos

Galapagos Wildlife Yacht Safaris
( 11 days from £2,290)

Galapagos Yacht & Lodge Safaris
Combining yacht based and land based exploration of the islands

Wildlife, Marine Life & Volcanoes of Southern Galapagos
4 & 5 days privately guided & small group departures from 1,390


Island Hopping Yacht Safaris
(7 days island cruising from 965)

Seychelles Inner Islands Holiday
( 13 days from £2,150)

Seychelles Private Yacht & Lodge Safaris
( 15 days from £2,450)
for wildlife, marine life and tropical island scenery


East Greenland Sailing - Scoresby Sund Voyages
24 Aug - 3 Sept 2017
(11 days from 3,320)
25 Aug - 5 Sep 2018
(12 days from 3,750)

Greenland Sailing Voyage - Disko Bay Whale Safari
May - June 2016
(8 days from 1,590 / 1,995)

Arctic Circle Private Classic Sailing Yacht Charters

Orcas, Humpbacks & Northern Lights Sailing Voyage
Feb / Mar and Nov / Dec
8 days 1,750

A Wildlife & Marine Life North Spitsbergen Sailing Voyage
1st - 10th June, 2018
(10 days from 3,140) with Aqua-Firma Marine Scientist, Charlotte Caffrey

Arctic Sailing Voyage - Around Spitsbergen
July - Sept 2017
(16 days 4,790)

Arctic Sailing Voyage - North Spitsbergen
June 2017 & 2018
(10 days from 2,990)
(12 days from 3,590)

Arctic Spring - North Spitsbergen Sailing Voyages
(March, April, May from 2,360)

Spitsbergen Tallship Sailing Photography Voyage
late Sept - Oct 2017 and Sept 2018
(9 days from 2,490)
with onboard professional photographer

Western Spitsbergen Late Summer & Northern Lights Sailing Voyages
Oct 2017
(8 days 2,150)

Aqua-Firma have created a selection of Wilderness Yacht and Lodge Safaris which combine the very best of the terrestrial and aquatic World: rainforests, tropical reefs, islands and icebergs!  Our locations have been selected on the basis of their abundance and diversity of wildlife and scenic beauty.  By combining land based waterside lodges with sailing vessels   we provide the best means of fully exploring remote and spectacular wilderness locations.

Exploring a virgin coastline or observing marine wildlife from the deck of a sailing yacht is a tranquil and unobtrusive experience. Whether on board a natural history Safari or a Small Ship Voyage, a yacht provides access to unspoilt, less trodden areas. Natural history experts are available to accompany you on your journey and share with you their knowledge and passion for nature.


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