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Galapagos Yacht & Lodge Safaris

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The Galapagos is a diverse place with wonderful opportunities for close encounters with wildlife above and below the water. Added to this diversity is the variety of ways by which the islands and natural areas can be explored, which can often make it difficult to decide which way is right for you to discover the islands.

Our Galapagos Yacht and Lodge Safaris provide tailor made opportunities to incorporate all of the islands's diversity with a combination of yacht based and activity focused exploration, with some nights spent at sea and others spend land based. The yacht based sections are ideal for providing focused natural history experiences on islands where land based accommodation is simply unavailable. Land based accommodation is particularly useful on the Galapagos's largest island of Isabela, where there are several days worth of activities worth pursuing and for which a beachside hotel is a more comfortable and spacious option than a yacht.

Santa Cruz is another location where land based accommodation is ideal, both in the highlands in a tented safari camp where giant tortoises can be found close by; or at the southern coast to provide access to coastal kayaking and day trips to some of the best diving and snorkelling sites in the islands.

The itinerary provided with this experience description is a sample only, for which the yacht based section focuses on islands from the far north east to the far south west.  If a Yacht & Lodge Safari is of interest, we recommend that you call us to discuss what you and your travelling companions most want from a trip to the islands so that we can propose an itinerary to fit. A combination trip can often provide for a more varied trip as well as a wider scope of guiding expertise.

Photographs kindly provided by Ralph Pannell & Jasci Carvalho

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