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Natural History Sailing

Antarctic Sailing Adventure
21 days 12,490 p/p

Arctic Sailing Voyages

East Greenland Sailing - Scoresby Sund Voyages
25 Aug - 5 Sep 2018
(12 days from 3,750)

Aug - Sep 2019
(11 days from 3,590)

Greenland Sailing Voyage - Disko Bay Whale Safari
May - June 2016
(8 days from 1,590 / 1,995)

Arctic Circle Private Classic Sailing Yacht Charters

Orcas, Humpbacks & Northern Lights Sailing Voyage
Jan - Mar and Nov / Dec
8 days 1,825

A Wildlife & Marine Life North Spitsbergen Sailing Voyage
1st - 10th June, 2018
(10 days from 3,140) with Aqua-Firma Marine Scientist, Charlotte Caffrey

Arctic Sailing Voyage - Around Spitsbergen
July - Sept 2019
(16 days from 5,150)

Arctic Sailing Voyage - North Spitsbergen
June - August 2018
(10 days from 3,140)
(12 days from 3,590)

June - August 2019
(10 days from 3,190)
(11 days from 3,590)

Arctic Spring - North Spitsbergen Sailing Voyages
(March, April, May from 2,360)

Spitsbergen Tallship Sailing Photography Voyage
Sept 2018
(9 days from 2,650)
with onboard professional photographer

Western Spitsbergen Late Summer & Northern Lights Sailing Voyages
Aug - Oct 2018
(8 days 2,150)
(12 days 3,590)

Sept 2019
(8 days 2,450)


Galapagos Wildlife Yacht Safaris

Galapagos Yacht & Lodge Safaris
Combining yacht based and land based exploration of the islands


Islands, Reefs, Mountains & Rainforests
(13 / 14 days from 2,590)
A Seychelles Classic Yacht & Lodge Safari (for divers & non-divers)

Seychelles Private Yacht & Lodge Safaris
( 15 days from £2,450)
for wildlife, marine life and tropical island scenery

Sailing is not simply an enjoyable pastime; it is also a fantastic way in which to explore many of the planet's most remote and far reaching places.  It can be a journey to rarely seen coastal wildernesses, islands and undiscovered lands, many of which require a self reliant boat, fully equipped with several day's food, water, sleeping accommodation and equipment, to gain access and explore.

Our natural history sailing voyages can be as relaxed or as hands-on an experience as you wish. If you are eager to take the helm and sail yourself then we can provide you with a yacht and guidance to explore islands in Malaysia and Thailand's Andaman Sea, Arctic Norway and Indian Ocean islands in Seychelles and Madagascar. You can also join us on a larger yacht or small sailing ship, fully equipped with expert crew and guides to explore the remote extremities of places such as the Galapagos or Arctic Spitsbergen, in search of whales, exotic birds, polar bears and more.

We can provide some of the most knowledgeable and experienced onboard wildlife guides and wilderness navigators, who can help to broaden your understanding of ecosystems and the wildlife you come across. Our Polar voyages have onboard some of the most experienced modern day polar explorers, writers and photographers, whilst our Galapagos guides, trained by the Charles Darwin Research Station, are keen to share their knowledge of the immense marine life, mammals, reptile and birdlife you will see there.  Our guides have tremendous enthusiasm to teach and assist and are as eager as you to use a yacht to explore places otherwise impossible to reach.

Both our sailing yachts and small sailing ships offer full onboard facilities.  Small rigid inflatable boats are the perfect way to make beach landings and explore beyond the shoreline.  Where fair winds permit, travelling under sail can be a quiet and carbon free way to travel, bringing you closer to the elements which shape the landscapes you are in.

In tropical climes, snorkelling gear is easy to carry and don to explore remote coral reefs or swim alongside some of the oceans most remarkable marine life. We can also provide full diving logistics, whether in the tropics or in remote polar locations, with an expert dive master onboard.

Whilst a natural history sailing voyage can open up new horizons, it can also be restrictive when it comes to exploring deeper inland. As travel experts equally at home on land as in water, we can extend your exploration throughout the interior of a country, whether based from an Amazon lodge, driving across the Serengeti or dog sledding through Autumn snows in the Arctic.

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