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Greenland Sailing Voyage - Disko Bay Whale Safari

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This is a remote Arctic region and sailing amidst the breathtaking landscapes: majestic glaciers and towering icebergs will provide memories and photographs that remain long after the voyage has ended. Highlights include the opportunity for breath-taking aerial views of the enormous Greenland ice sheet onboard your charter flight; sailing amid an endless panorama of magnificent and exquisitely carved icebergs; and observing a wealth of wildlife, particularly the rare Bowhead Whale (Greenland Right Whale) in her home feeding grounds.  There are also chances to enjoy other Arctic wildlife such as humpback whales, seals, Arctic fox, Arctic hare and the abundant breeding birdlife of this remote region. West Greenland and the area surrounding Disko Island is a very beautiful place and chances to experience its glaciers, mountains, fjords and icebergs are made all the more magical by exploring onboard a comfortable and elegant sailing ship.

The iceberg encrusted waters that comprise Disko Bay on the Western side of Greenland is one of the most important feeding grounds for the Bowhead Whale. In the 2012 season, we enjoyed excellent sightings of Bowhead Whales on voyages which included Aqua-Firma Marine Scientist, Charlotte Caffrey (click here for reviews). So-called because of its bow-shaped mouth, the bowhead measures up to 20 metres in length and weighs up to 80 tonnes. They are characterised by their rows of baleen plates (larger than those of any other whale) and its notable white bib. Lacking a dorsal fin, bowheads are visible as just two bumps from above water, but in these often calm glistening waters their feeding antics can with luck keep you spellbound for hours. 

In terms of the birdlife likely to be encountered: long-tailed skuas, turnstones and grey phalaropes together with Iceland gulls and Arctic terns migrate to the area - settling to breed in their thousands. 

The local Inuit culture is strong and your onboard expert guides will give an insight to the extraordinary history and culture of the Greenlandic people. A visit to villages and small towns provides a better understanding of a rich culture, one which through fishing and hunting has continued to shape the natural environment. 

NOTE: The ice is highly unpredictable in this area with the prolific calving of the Jakobshaven Glacier producing a high volume of icebergs, often making navigation hazardous. Sea state, sea fog and prevailing ice conditions will be gauged on a regular basis and will strongly influence our actual on-location itinerary, therefore a true expeditionary attitude is needed to get the best from this departure. Contact us to speak to one of our Aqua-Firma guides for first hand knowledge of Western Greenland and on-location experience of this voyage.

Photographs kindly provided by Charlotte Caffrey

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