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Arctic Sailing in the Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten Islands form a picturesque archipelago north of the Arctic Circle in north western Norway.  Here, magnificent mountains, peaks and sheltered inlets surround spectacular clear water fjords more than 800m deep.
The tranquillity of sailing amongst the wildlife and colourful fishing villages onboard a 104 year old tall ship schooner, enhances your contact and appreciation of this Arctic region. Those keen to participate in the sailing of the vessel are, when conditions allow, welcome to assist and be part of an international team of polar travellers in the tradition of the 19th Century explorers.

These voyages operate in early Winter, when snow can bring a true Arctic beauty to the area and when we have high hopes of seeing the Northern Lights (Aurora borealis). As well as being one of the wonders of the natural world, these lights, high up in the ionosphere, feature heavily in local myths and legends and are sure to leave their mark on you. Some of your best chances to witness this unique phenomenon are at quiet anchorages away from artificial light, where one's sense of the Arctic wilderness becomes further heightened. 2014 is expected to provide a cyclical peak in Northern Lights activity so we have high hopes of good sightings. The timing of our voyage is also set to be across a New Moon period. If Moonlight is strong, then it can interfere with the Aurora sightings, so the New Moon period of 20th - 27th November could be ideal if cloud and weather conditions are kind.

During the day, the Skipper will set a course to explore coastlines, narrow fjords and some of the region's prettiest sea towns and villages including Kabelvag, Skrover and weather-permitting, Henningsvaer.. You will also have the chance to join your expert naturalist guide in climbing to some stunning viewpoints, walking close to nesting areas for white tailed sea eagles and sites where you can see ancient rock paintings.

A few years ago, November was a good time to see Orcas in this area. Unfortunately, the herring these orcas fed on no longer seems to be found in the inshore Lofotens or Tysfjord, so an orca sightings now would be considered very lucky.

Photographs kindly provided by: Jan Belgers, Sonia van Berlkel, Tiu Simila & Ralph Pannell

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