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At Aqua-Firma we have a long developed passion for wilderness - in particular where land meets water.  These locations can provide some of the most dramatic encounters with wildlife and the natural world, from the Equator to the Poles.

Our mission is not only to create inspirational opportunities for you to explore the far corners of our Planet, but also to support research & conservation teams and provide a behind the scenes insight into their work.

Most of our holiday experiences are available tailor made throughout the year, designed around you, your family or group of friends.  Other trips involve expert led small group departures with leaders which include wildlife experts; marine scientists and leading environmental researchers such as Dr Simon Pierce, Dr Chris Rohner & Charlotte Caffrey; professional sailors, divers, kayakers and rafters; polar specialists; some of the world's leading photographers above and below water; and birdlife experts such as Robert Brown OBE, who was 12 years Director of the RSPB (NI). 

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Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram latest: 'Whales Watch Snorkelers' on our Silverbanks Caribbean Humpback Whalewatching & Snorkelling experience led by Aqua-Firma Marine Scientist. The Silverbanks, located between the Dominican Republic and the Turks & Caicos Islands, is the Caribbean's most important breeding and birthing grounds for Humpback Whales. We will be back there again in March 2019.

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Photographs kindly provided by Franco Banfi, Jan Belgers, Endangered Wildlife Trust, Charlotte Caffrey, John Gray, Rod Klein, Lapa Rios, Ralph Pannell, Fiddi Angermeyer, Michael Poliza, Rainforest Concern, David Rowat, MCSS, Shaowen, Lin, Hamish Thorburn & Craig Zendel.




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