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There is no question that the islands of the Seychelles are amongst the most beautiful on our planet.  Their total land area may be small, but they occupy a vast expanse of the Indian Ocean and as such act as an oasis for surrounding wildlife. Terrestrial endemic species include the Giant Tortoise, found only here and on the Galapagos Islands; and the Coco de Mer, the world’s largest nut. Underwater, this oasis attracts tropical fish, dolphins, rays, green and hawksbill turtles and is probably one of the best places in the world to observe the elusive whale shark.

Each island has something unique to offer ranging from steep rocky mountains covered in rainforest; scattered low lying coral islands surrounded by reefs; and raised coral atolls such as Aldabra and Farquhar.  The main island of Mahe is the largest of the group and home to the capital, Victoria.  This island’s steep granite mountains are cloaked in forest and meet the sea at some beautiful bays and beaches.  The Morne Seychellois National Park is one of the undoubted highlights of the island.  At its centre is the Seychelles highest peak at over 900 metres and at its coastal fringes lie two of the best marine reserves on the island.

The neighbouring Inner islands of Praslin and La Digue are renowned for some of the finest coastlines to be found anywhere.  A little further offshore the islands of Cousin, Aride and Curieuse stand as protected reserves for rare and endangered species. The exclusive private island reserves of Fregate, North, Bird and Cousine offer seclusion, tranquillity and premium highlights of a stay in the archipelago.

Remote and pristine, the stunning Outer Islands are characterised by quiet lagoons, perfect sandy beaches and prolific underwater life.  For sailors this group provides a cruising ground as yet untrodden by most. The diving here is some of the finest in the Seychelles offering clear waters and large schools of fish which would be difficult to match in many other parts of the world.

Aldabra is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a phenomenon all of its own. It is the world's largest raised atoll, located some 700 miles south west of Mahe - closer to Africa and Madagascar than the capital of Seychelles.  Above the water it is renowned for its Giant Tortoises and prolific birdlife including the flightless Aldabra Rail, the most direct relative of the extinct Dodo. Below the water it is a refuge for a bounty of ocean pelagics including sharks, rays and turtles which ride in on strong tidal currents.

Aqua-Firma specialises in tailor made explorations of the islands above and below water, both yacht based and land based as needed to explore the very best of the Seychelles.  A seasonal highlight is our Whale Shark Research and Conservation experience each October.  Aqua-Firma has created this inspiring marine wildlife conservation experience in partnership with shark researchers from the Marine Conservation Society in Seychelles, whereby divers and snorkellers can be part of a team carrying out the monitoring of whale sharks.  This trip is led by marine specialists including Charlotte Caffrey, Marine Scientist and Director of Aqua-Firma, and David Rowat, Chairman of the MCSS.  Inspiring talks provide an insight into other successful MCSS projects and an understanding of the marine biology of the Seychelles.

Photographs kindly provided by Andy Davies, David Rowat, Olivier Roux, Doug Howes, Carina Hall, Charlotte Caffrey, STB, Ralph Pannell.


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